Online Dating – How to Brand Your Profile

In a way of speaking yes, you are. You are marketing yourself to a mass of people like an ad online. That is just how it works. To make yourself stand out you have to do the same things as businesses do when they advertise online. Make yourself stand out and be noticed in the mass of people who are in a line up. Knowing who your target market is helps make this process simple.

The first and most important thing is the picture. You do not need to worry that you are not the most beautiful person online. Research suggests that a smiling face draws more attention from viewers. When surveyed usersdescribe smiling portraits as beautiful or attractive more of often than not. Get some great smiling pictures of yourself and have a friend help you pick the best one. Several pictures are best and at least one full length. Do not worry that you are not perfect. Not many people are.You should never put up a picture of yourself with other people in it. When you have other people in your pictures it is confusing and distracting. Grab a camera, get that smile on, and take your best shot.

Make the user name on your online-dating profile an attention grabber. Be careful about going over the top with your profile or you will end up being the joke that no one is interesting in talking to just about. The same rule applies for being too sexy or suggestive. Those can get attention but if you are looking for a serious relationship, that is never the way to present yourself.

Fill out your Bio just like an advertiser does. Tell the reader reason they should get to know you. Make your online-dating profile interesting and informative. Make certain you are clear in what is great about you and what kind of person you would like to meet.

When you finish with everything look at other profiles and see what makes them standout. Write down what you did and did not like about them. Take another look at your online-dating profile and see if you could improve it. There is always room for improvement. Have a friend proof read your profile and tell you what they think. A friend will tell you if the profile is not done well and might be able to remind you of some great qualities you forgot to mention.

If you follow these tips you should not have a hard time attracting the right people. Never forget that you are marketing yourself to a big group. Make sure you pop in the crowd and are attracting your core clients. What that mean is to attract the kind of person you want by speaking to that group. You are not trying to please the masses. The goal is attracting your match. Brand your profile for your perfect match.

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