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4 Reasons You Don’t Have The Right To Ignore Public Health Needs!

One of the greatest dangers/ challenges, to the health/ safety of the overall public, is, the perception, by some, their Constitutional rights, and the Constitution, itself, guarantees them, and provides, unlimited personal rights, etc.

When, the Freedom of Speech, and, Press (1st Amendment Rights), are interpreted, as meaning, saying, and doing, anything one wants to, regardless of how it affects others, it is, both, being misused, as well as abused! It’s not okay, to scream, Fire, in a movie theater, nor does it mean, so – called, Fake News, is acceptable! It also doesn’t imply, someone can scream, verbally, abusive names, etc, or incite others, to riot, and/ or, misbehave.

When the National Rifle Association, focuses on gun rights, and wraps itself around the 2nd Amendment, it doesn’t mean, irresponsible use, unsafe usage, and/ or, using assault weapons, is covered by this. Similarly, there is no such thing, as the freedom, to act irresponsibly, in times of public health stresses and challenges, defending this irresponsible behavior, by stating, wearing a mask, Social Distancing, etc, are against their personal rights! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 specific reasons, why no one has the right to ignore their personal social responsibility, especially, when it comes to, the health, and well – being of others.

1. Risk yourself: Some state, it’s okay, for someone to risk, himself, yet, we don’t legally, permit suicides! However, while it may be one’s right, to act irresponsibility, if/ when, no one else, is harmed, many seem to be deluding – themselves, by claiming, there is no risk, and the virus, is a hoax. Perhaps, some of these are core supporters of President Trump, who, often, articulates, his personal denial, and perception of the dangers, etc, doesn’t it make sense, to listen, to the public health professionals, and/ or, experts, as well as reading the data, which clearly indicates, otherwise?

2. Public health ignorance/ denial: Ignoring, and/ or, denying, the potential dangers, doesn’t make the threat to some members of the public, any less! To date, over 2 million have been infected, with COVID19, and in excess of 115, 000 have lost their lives! Those, believing, they are healthy, and don’t need to worry, and may be asymptomatic, still, put those, more in – danger, because of potential exposure!

3. Compound/ worsen/ extend the pandemic: If people would, simply, wear a mask, in public, respect Social Distancing, and wash their hands, as often, as possible, and disinfect, the pandemic’s potential spread, would be significantly weakened! Instead, because some, refuse to accept, what should be their social responsibility, the duration, extent, threat, etc, of this pandemic, is compounded, worsened, and extended!

4. Witness what’s happened, in places, who have used common sense, versus others: Why has, New York, so far, been able to go, from worst, in terms of infection rates, etc, to the best? New York State, was fortunate, to have a Governor, who demonstrated, genuine leadership, focused on public health and welfare/ well – being, instead of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, and emphasized common sense measures, to address this pandemic! While many states, have experienced, a surge in infections, after reopening, this has been, far more, controlled, in those, whose leaders, emphasized, staying – the – course!

No one has the right to put their personal rights, freedoms, preferences, personal agenda, ahead of the best interests, health, and well – being, of the public, at – large! Each of us have our rights, but, not if they harm others!

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